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Champagne delivered to your doorstep is probably among the heights of affluent - if not decadent - society. Nothing can compare with the pleasant anticipation and ritual of opening the foil, twisting the wire and releasing that almost living thing within the Magnum. Whether you pop the cork and risk the litigation or safely squeak the bottle gently from the cork, the taste of "stars" as Dom Perignon exclaimed, Champagne is the winner on all occasions.

Please choose from our Champagne wine list that
"makes the heart of man rejoice".

Champagne wine is made from vineyards that grow Chardonnay, Pinot noir and meunier varieties. The mature grapes are sorted and undergo rapid pressing, but without crushing so as to avoid and maceration. After a settling the must is fermented at low temperature. "Prise de mousse" is a second fermentation in the bottle and is produced by adding to the wine a highly concentrated yeast liqueur. The bottles are then capped [they used to be corked back in my day - 1963] and racked horizontally.

After a controlled period of fermentation, the bottles are re-racked with a neck down tilt . For some time the bottles are individually rotated by hand and laid to rest in a slightly different position until all the sediment reaches the cork - or cap. Not very long ago a clever machine was used to removed the old cork from the upside-down bottles and replaced them with a new corks - an great machine to watch. Many vineyards now freeze the neck and disgorge the ice with the sediment. This is less wasteful I am told. At this stage the wine can be "topped-up" with old wine to produce a particular champagne vintage.